R/T E49 Photos

Here are the usual R/T Charger pictures and information, I have included pictures of some rare E49s and even a picture of the only VJ XL E49!

Some E49 Pictures

The Doug Chivas/Damon Beck E49 Charger that came outright third at Bathurst in 1972.
The only Artic White R/T E49 made, this car lives in New Zealand.
A Hemi Orange R/T E49 my favourite Chrysler colour, this car belongs to Chris check out his website for more photos and information.
A rare Sunfire VJ E49 only 4 x VJ E49s were built- With R/T stripes and newer photos, advice from the Mopar community indicated this was an R&D car for Chrysler Australia Limited and was fitted with an engine that produced 320bhp at the rear wheels.

The only VJ XL E49 ever produced.

R/T Charger build numbers

  • 1 x Base R/T Automatic
  • 638 x Base R/T 3 speed
  • 60 x Base R/T 4 speed
  • 134 x R/T E37
  • 2 x R/T E48
  • 316 x R/T E38 – 82 with A87 option (big tank)
  • 149 x R/T E49 – 21 with A87 option (big tank)

Total R/T Build numbers 1300

Chrysler six pack numbers

  • 100 x VH Charger 770 E37
  • 1 x VH Charger 770 E48
  • 1 x VH Pacer E37
  • 1 x VH Pacer E48
  • 122 x VJ Charger E48
  • 16 x VJ Charger XL E48
  • 16 x VJ Charger 770 E48
  • 7 x VJ Ranger XL E48
  • 1 X VJ Regal E48
  • 3 X VJ E49
  • 1 x VJ XL E49

Other model cars

What is this I hear you say? Well this is a Ford Cobra only 400 were made, nice cars I’d have one but! now heres the thing….

Performance: These times were gathered driving the ‘Bathurst Special” or “Options 97 Cobra”

  • 0-100 km/h = 8.9 seconds, Standing 400m = 16.0 seconds
  • 5.8 litre 4-barrel V8 engine. Bore 4.00 Ins. (101.60mm). Stroke 3.50 Ins. (88.90mm). Compression ratio 8.90. Maximum power 217 bhp (162 Kw) @ 4500 rpm. Maximum torque 317lb/ft (429 Nm) @ 2700rpm.

Don’t ever think a Standard Ford will beat a Standard Charger never ever nup no way and bugga off. It’s MOPAR or it’s NOPAR!

My Other Car

Here is a pic of my CL Panel Van

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