How to ID a E55

So you don’t have an E49 Charger,
this baby is the next best thing
a 340 V8 (Engine Option E55) six pack
– Some say even better!

How to Identify A Genuine E55 Charger

This information is based on a 1973 VJ Valiant Charger E55
The actual engine number is located at the rear of the motor, just above the starter motor. The 340 will begin with the numbers A331 – this translates to : “LA engine, 3 – 340, 3 – High Performance V8, 1 – automatic, D – 1973
These numbers appear on the left hand side of the motor, underneath where the exhaust manifold sits.
The longer number is engine specific, in that this casting number is unique for 340 engines. Likewise, 318’s 360’s etc all had their own numbers. The engine size is also listed “340”.
The model number of the Carter Thermoquad is stamped on the base plate, left side rear of the carby. The number should read TQ6394S for a VJ Charger but the VH Chargers will probably have a Carter 4 barrell AVS carb No. AVS-4934S.
This carby was used purely on export models from the United States, and there’s not too much specific info on them. told me they have a kit which is suitable for rebuild – No. 15543B.

It should be noted that the VH E55 used the “AVS” Carter 4 Barrel not the Thermoquad.

From information I’ve received from the U.S, the Thermoquads on the Aussie 340’s are generally the pick of the crop from anything made from 1971 onwards. Reason being that the export models weren’t subject to the emissions changes that were being introduced throughout the American market.

Please email me if you find the following to be incorrect. The TQ6394S is an 800 cfm carb, correct for 1973 cars and is an “export” model. It is also correct forr 1972 cars. If the top plate casting is 6-2080 the jetting for the primaries is .095″ I.D’s, the secondary jetting is .137″ I.D’s, and the metering rods could be #1938 or #1940. (courtesy of David

Identifying your vehicle includes the body number which is stamped on the inner right front guard. In the case of this car, the number is –

  • H29 794 – this tells us the car is a 770 Charger ( H29 ) It is also the 794 th one made.

The compliance plate will have the same body number as the inner guard – see VJ6 H29 DH06 0794

The plate will also have the option code E55 which designates the 340 engine option. In the case of this plate, the colour is YH BERG 4612 which is Sandstone. Other options include:

  • C16 – Auto console shift.
  • A74 – Protection Package (rear over-riders and side body moulds).
  • A97 – Convenience Package.
  • H51 – Air Conditioning.
  • S77 – Power Steering.
  • T15 – E70 HR B.S.W Tyres.
  • W35 – 7 inch Alloy Wheels.
  • Also included is the interior trim code C1 which is Dark Saddle.

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